What to Have in a BugOut Bag

What to have in a bugout bag?

These are the things in each of my family member’s bug out bags.survival kit image

  1. A couple rations of food. Select foods that have a significant shelf life. Since you are going to build your bug out bag for future use.
  2. Flashlights. You might want to consider some hand-crank style too.
  3. Batteries.  You will need some for the flashlights and the weather radio.
  4. Glow sticks. You will be surprised at how handy these can be to you.
  5. Emergency Radio. You can get one that runs on batteries – but one that hand cranks might be the better choice.
  6. Leatherman multi-tool. You will find a number of uses for this little baby.
  7. Pocketknife. Whether you have a Swiss Army Knife or some other brand – you must have a pocketknife in your bug out bag.
  8. Other Knives. You will need some type of survival knife – and one for cutting food.
  9. Rope/Cords. You won’t realize how important this will be until the time comes.
  10. Outer Jackets. Choose a sweatshirt, and a waterproof outer jacket to toss in your bug out bag.

  11. Water Purification Tablets. Don’t forget these! Boiling water is your best bet, but these tablets can help save your life.
  12. Canteen. You need a small one for water when you need to leave the campsite for a short trip. Either to wait to trap a small animal or to do some fishing.
  13. Emergency Blankets. These are small, lightweight and a necessary addition to your bug out bag.
  14. Compass. You need to know where you are going…..
  15. Fire Starting Materials. Don’t neglect to have these on hand.
  16. Safety Whistle. One for each member of the family.
  17. Tools. You will need an axe, a folding shovel – at the very least.
  18. First Aid Kit. There are several on the market that will do the job.
  19. Tent. You can get a lightweight tent that doesn’t take up a lot of space.
  20. Duct Tape. The many uses for this one item will blow your mind!

These are the 20 things that I have in my bug out bag. Of course if you have room, you can put several packs of drinking water in your bags too!

Or you can buy a complete kit here.

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  1. jerry

    Dec 24. 2013

    I was able to pick up almost all of this stuff and build a bugout bag in less than a weekend. Awesome tips and suggestions. Thanks

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    • Michael

      Dec 24. 2013

      Cool. You are ahead of hundreds of thousands of other folks by having your backpacks ready. Congratulations on taking this step!

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  2. They are familiar with the concept and maybe know a few essential items to include, but, beyond that, they aren’t too sure of what ones to get for outdoors or quick access or a complete list of items to include. I’ve heard my fair share of horror stories of people getting stranded in the woods, or stuck without power in a rural cabin that I decided to put my knowledge of bugout bags out there for everyone to see and let people know which ones I prefer for my own camping and survival trips.

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