Do you have clean underwear? Thinking ahead…

Survival Supplies

– Are you Ready?

Considering what you really need in the way of survival supplies in case of a disaster? I can help you to make a list of the absolute necessities.

Help you get your head out of the sand…..

get your head out of the sand
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1. Foods

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Snacks – like popcorn
  • Hard candies (help for energy)
  • Cereals

2. Drinks

  • Water
  • Water
  • Water (Ok, I know that’s the same thing three times, but it’s so important)
  • Boxed fruit drinks
  • Coffee / teas
  • Dry or evaporated milk
3. Batteries

  • To fit the flashlights
  • To fit a weather /portable radio

4. First aid

  • Medications – over the counter and prescription
  • Alcohol for cleaning wounds
  • Needle and thread – in case (do I need to say why?)
  • Bandaids and bandages
  • Cough syrup and cough drops – in case there is a lot of dust in the air

5. Linens

  • Blankets – Lightweight and easy to manage – one per person
  •  Towels – small ones to get your through

6. Cleaning agents

  • Soap
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Cleansing wipes are great if you can’t shower or bathe

7. Cooking needs

  • A pot that can be used over an open flame – in case you are stranded outside
  • Cooking utensils / eating utensils
  • Serving plates and cups
  • Manual can opener
  • Camping coffee pot

8. Tools

  • Folding shovel
  • Hunting knife (in case you need to cook small game)
  • Flashlights
  • Portable radio – a weather radio would be great

Now I know this all sounds like a lot of stuff, but if you walk around your house with this list, I bet you would be able to gather all of your survival supplies (except the food) in one afternoon. It’s just a matter of being ready, in case the worst happens. A survivalist considers preparedness critical in a natural disaster.

And we never know when that might be.

With the latest threats of missiles being fired toward the US, does it make sense to just stick our heads in the sand and hope for the best?

Of course not.

Because you have most of these things around the house, it’s not even going to cost you anything to start putting together your needed survival supplies right now. Get a big tub like they sell at the discount stores and start loading your preparedness cache up. Store food, gear, equipment – make a list of the stuff you really need and put it together. You can be an urban survivalist! Whether you are out in the wilderness or anywhere else, you can practice evacuation tactics and outdoor survival skills.

The first things you should get together are your emergency kits. With equipment, tools, first aid products, surplus items – you will be ready to make a quick escape from whatever natural or man-made disaster is coming at you.

You can store it out of sight and be ready for any situation that arises.

What are you waiting for?

When you hear the sirens, it may be too late.

Get more information here about supplies you need so you will be prepared.

9 Responses to “Do you have clean underwear? Thinking ahead…”

  1. Cmarten

    Apr 30. 2013

    This is a really useful list. Thanks for doing this for people. I would recommend people invest in a little camp cooking set with pots and pans that fit inside each other or collapse. Much easier to carry in a backpack and you don’t need much to keep your family in hot food.

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    • Michael

      May 06. 2013

      I am glad you found the list useful, I imagine there are a few more things I could have added but I tried to keep it tight.

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  2. Rick

    May 08. 2013

    This is an excellent list, and people need to be made aware they need to prepare because disasters can strike at anytime.

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    • Michael

      May 23. 2013

      I’m glad you found the list helpful. If you can think of anything else that is critical for the list, let me know and I will add it.

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  3. Jennifer

    Jun 29. 2013

    I love the headline of this post, it’s what made me read it. LOL

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    • Michael

      Jun 29. 2013

      Ha ha – Yeah sometimes thinking up cool titles is part of building a site! Hope you learned something though.

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  4. zak

    Dec 24. 2013

    Wow, loved the post – really loved the title. LOL

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    • Michael

      Dec 24. 2013

      It is a little bit light-hearted, huh? Thanks for visiting, come back soon.

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  5. Andres

    Sep 17. 2015

    Wow, this paragraph is nice, my sister is analyzing thesze kinds of things, so I am going to let know her.

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