A survival kit will help you prepare

Survival Kit

Survival Kit – Is Yours Ready?

Survival kits for sale might save your life. Do you need ideas about how to be prepared?

With the future in turmoil, and more natural disasters seeming to happen all the time, it is important to have some survival skills. The difference between being here today and being here tomorrow is all on your own shoulders in an emergency. If you don’t want to gather your own stuff together, you can even buy a kit in a can, already with every basic thing you might need.

One of the best things you can do is to research survival kits for sale and get the gear you need together in one place. Many are in backpacks and you can have these with you when you head out camping into the wilderness. Just take it with you when you leave the campsite. Think like a military troop. If you need help with the basic necessities and training, check out an online forum for hints on what freeze dried items should be added to your cache and how to build the contents of critical things. The price of these items can be affordable for everyone. Every survivalist knows the three things on your emergency basics list:

First: Find or build a shelter

sticks imageYou should be able to build a shelter from available natural materials. Sticks and leaves offer insulation from the elements – since these are available in the wild, take a weekend and practice creating a shelter for yourself. Knowing how to do it and knowing that you CAN do it are two different things. The environment in the wilderness can protect you or destroy you, learn to control your own security in disaster and crisis situations. There are emergency straps available that will help you get a shelter secured. Your life might be the price you pay if you cannot protect yourself from the elements. But you can get some great tips here.


Second: Fire

You need to be able to build a fire in an emergency. You may have matches or a lighter – but what if you have neither of these things? You can create a fire with sticks. You’ve probably seen it in movies and wondered if it can really be done. The short answer is, yes, it can be done. The long answer is that it’s not all that easy. The great thing is that any person can learn how to make a fire from available sticks. Not only the military can be ready for a disastrous situation.

So, in order to prepare yourself for this, just take the time to do it on your next camping trip. Just so you know you can pull it off. Fire can also be used as a first aid product if you need to sterilize something. So, for many reasons, it is important to think about the ideas of how you can use things. An online forum can steer you to a vendor for waterproof matches or a fire starter tool. Many food items are better if they are, at least, warm.

Third: Water

You need water. No ifs, ands or buts, you must have clean water to survive in any emergency. Your best alternative is to find a wilderness water source. Without a way to purify it, you may be taking a chance. But without water at all, you have no chance. Of course, if you have some way to boil the water on your fire, you can increase your chances of having safer water. A survivalist always carries purification tablets in the contents of any backpack. You will need clean water in order to fix many of the freeze dried food items.

Most of all, keep your senses about you. Think ahead and formulate ideas for your own protection. Have a tarp and straps to build a shelter, be prepared to purify water and have a way to build a fire. The list of items stored will be your first line of defense, to cook freeze dried items, catch small game for food and to prepare it. Since a basic checklist is commonly known, you can purchase a pre-made backpack or kit in a can.

Don’t forget simple first aid products. Small band aids, gauze and adhesive tape are awesome additions and take up very little room in the contents of your pack. For example, even you can learn how to fashion a tourniquet to stop bleeding in an accident.

Try to signal for help and protect yourself from the elements as best you can by having the needed gear on hand. You can get everything you need by searching online. Be the person who takes the steps to be ready. Be the survivor! You can become as ready to go as any military unit.

Take the time to compile your checklist and then start building your cache, or go the easier route and pick up pre-made packs in a can.

6 Responses to “A survival kit will help you prepare”

  1. Keith

    Jun 29. 2013

    Many people don’t realize that survival kits are a great start toward being prepared for a crisis. Solid information.

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    • Michael

      Jun 29. 2013

      Glad you found it helpful. I try to post updated information regularly, I hope you visit the site again.

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  2. Elen

    Aug 04. 2013

    It is VERY important to keep your survival kit as near the exit as possible. No use of the best kit on earth if you can’t get it with you when you need it.
    I recently read an article saying to equip yourself with three tiers of survival kits – one at your home, one at your vehicle and one in your bug-out location. Simply by doing this your chances to survive improve drastically.

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  3. Jody

    Dec 24. 2013

    When I started building my kits, I was amazed at how important it became to just think ahead. It’s not about have a backpack with water in it, huh?

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    • Michael

      Dec 24. 2013

      There are so many things to consider. Thanks for stopping by.

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