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What good is a survival guide? If you’re like me, the reason you are reading this page is because you need to learn some survival skills.


When I started looking online for a guide that could really help me, I was so disappointed in the available material. I was a complete newbie and had no idea what I was even looking for, I just knew that I wasn’t finding it. Though I wanted to learn about becoming a survivalist, the info our there was not telling me what I needed to know. What gear? What food? What tools? It was so frustrating.


The reason we are at such a loss is because most of us go about it all WRONG!


You can’t expect to just google “survivaland find the answer – but that’s exactly what we do.

It’s sad for those of us without any skills in our backpack – we look and look and everyone offers an answer, but no one really puts it all out there so that we can put it in practice. No one helps us get the gear, straps and tools we really need.


It’s almost like we need to read volumes and volumes of information just to get survivalist basics.


When I searched for help online, I kept coming up with nothing.




wilderness survival guide

Until – I found the list of stuff online posted by FEMA. What a great starting point this turned out to be.


Wow, it had everything I needed to know about putting together a plan for survival. With foods to store, how to protect my stuff in a stockpile and how to gather the things that are gone from the shelves first. How to protect it from looters by using straps and tarps. Awesome info! Then I ran down an online forum that helped me get some other ideas on how to get through a wilderness disaster trek. They provided data in pdf or book formats.


Who knew? Well, not me.





They saved me so much work by putting everything together in one nice easy-to-follow package that I found myself just following it step by step. I picked up each of the items that I needed along the way. Every time I stopped at the grocery store, I made sure that I got a few extra things to add to my disaster survival cache.


I kept looking, though, because I needed more help than what the government offered… This is what I found – My suggestion: If you need a survival guide, like I did, this is the one to get!


He not only lets you know what to get, he tells you the things that your body needs so that you don’t end up with a stockpile of nothing but canned vegetables. Just because they are so easy to grab doesn’t mean that you can live on just veggies. (Although my vegetarian friends might disagree…) With just a bit of training, you can even learn how to freeze dry food.


In his pdf book, he outlines the stuff you need to be really ready for any disaster that might come your way.


After all, if you weren’t concerned, would you be reading this anyway? Of course not. A manual for a disaster is a great place to start.


To learn more about the special guide I found online – click here.


6 Responses to “Plan your survival – Get a handbook today”

  1. Meg

    May 27. 2013

    Thanks for posting. This is critical information as everyone needs to have a survival guide in their access.

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    • Michael

      May 28. 2013

      it certainly is crucial for everyone to be prepared. just look at what happened in Oklahoma – you have to get ready – just in case.

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  2. Greg

    Jun 29. 2013

    The article was good, but the title is a bit offensive, don’t you think?

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    • Michael

      Jun 29. 2013

      Wow, it’s not meant to be offensive at all. Sorry if you found it that way.

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  3. Kevin

    Dec 24. 2013

    Nothing beats learning more about being able to survive.

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    • Michael

      Dec 24. 2013

      If you don’t learn the important things about survival, you cannot be properly prepared. Thanks for stopping by.

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