Do you know what food items go first in a crisis?

Survival Food – Serious Considerations

The first thing we all think of when we think of surviving natural disasters or an emergency is:


What will we eat?


Well, if you’re thinking about that when the emergency has struck, you’re already too late. It’s important to prepare for the possibility of a crisis or disaster now. But when I went searching for the best list of foods that I should stock up on, it simply didn’t exist.

I was at a loss. How do we know what to store as our survival food? What does a serious survivalist put into a storage cache?


Um… water… freeze dried items and canned goods, those are easy.


But if you’re picking up vegetables, don’t forget canned fruits too. Oh, and soups – after all, soups can be a meal in a can, you know. But when I thought of canned goods, I immediately only thought about vegetables. There are so many other things in CANS!!!


We need other stuff too. There are canned meats – but don’t get caught only stocking tuna – there are other canned meat alternatives. Loads of long term items are available.

empty can image
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Whether you want to think about it or not, you will want (and need) a variety of the best foods in an emergency.


So, take a trip to the grocery store – take a look at everything in cans…it’s not just veggies. You can get canned juices – or even juice boxes if you want something fast and easy. There are so many supplies options, try to think out of the box. Consider freeze dried products too. Just make a list of everything available in cans – then look at the boxed foods. Look at the expiration dates of these cereals and pastas. Shelf life is important. Think like a survivalist. You can get help about storage of dehydrated items by joining an online forum and insight into their reviews of tools, equipment, recipes and necessary gear.



By viewing everything up and down the aisles, you will soon figure out that you can have a HUGE variety within your survival food stash. How long you plan for is up to you, thinking long term and shelf life can serve you well. Personally, my survival cache will last for well over a month. And I have made sure that there are plenty of each different type of food: pasta, freeze dried / dehydrated products, bars, cereals, rice, canned veggies, soups, meats…build kits for your family.



It only takes some planning and ACTION to get your survival cache to the point that you know you are prepared.


Don’t forget “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”


If you don’t start storing your food, it doesn’t matter how much you know about it.


Start now. Natural disasters don’t happen on schedule.


Make that trip to the grocery and write down the store-able supplies that you can add to your storage stockpile and then methodically start gathering the things from your list together. Rotate it all so that you have the freshest possible long term cache or kits should a disaster hit.


You can be ready. Don’t get caught looking for the things that are flying off the grocery store shelves! Allow member of a forum to give you some guidance, if you need help. They can provide reviews of bars, recipes, tools and equipment that will save you a lot of personal legwork. They have honed their skills and are willing to share their knowledge.


Get the list of 37 food items that you should be stocking up now.

10 Responses to “Do you know what food items go first in a crisis?”

  1. Cmarten

    Apr 30. 2013

    I always chuckle a bit when the TV talks about people rushing out to buy milk, eggs and bread whenever there’s a snowstorm or bad storm on the way. Those won’t do much good if power is out for more than a couple hours or if you have to travel away from your home. Non-perishables are much better bets.

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    • Michael

      May 06. 2013

      By the time everyone else knows there is a crisis, you will just be one more in line.

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  2. Nancy

    May 26. 2013

    Thanks for taking the time to write this. I am buying non perishables each day bit by bit just in case something happens.

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  3. Jill

    May 30. 2013

    I just started stocking up last week and will continue to do it. We need to keep our heads out of the sand because you never know what can strike. It can happen to anyone.

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  4. Kimmie

    Jun 29. 2013

    I’ve always liked canned meats, so stocking up on some things like Spam and salmon was a no-brainer for me. But I imagine most people think only of tuna.

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    • Michael

      Jun 29. 2013

      Yes, there are loads of meats canned – not just fish like tuna and salmon. We used to eat the little Vienna Sausages when we were younger. There are all kinds of options.

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      • Vanessa

        Jun 16. 2015

        Canned foods!? Lmao ok what will be the point of surviving when this will just make us sick or senile. Canned foods are the worst for your health and kill you slowly. I’d rather go down when shtf then to poison myself and my family with canned crap.

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  5. Bryan

    Dec 24. 2013

    This was very informative. It’s so easy to forget about things other than tuna… awesome.

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    • Michael

      Dec 24. 2013

      Yes, there are many other options for protein that can be put into you caches and backpack. For some reason, most people think of tuna and stop there….. a variety is a good thing.

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