Where is your hiding place? Are you ready?

Survival Cache – Put it Together!


What does your survival cache say about you?


Or, do you even have one???


When I started researching how to build a complete survival cache, I was bombarded with information. Every time I signed up for a “free” e-book to teach me tricks of survival,

I ended up getting buried with emails from all kinds of folks trying to get me to buy their stuff.

More gear to buy, a list of the top 100 things,

go off grid – but no details on what they are talking about.


Honestly, it just ticked me off.



All I wanted was some honest answers to the obvious question: What gear exactly should my survival cache include?  What do I need to become a true survivalist?



After wading through email after email, I finally hit on a video that actually told me something. It claimed to have a  list of the items that flew off the shelves at the grocery store first – you know, the stuff we all need to survive.


Yeah, I was skeptical. But I doled out so much money trying to find answers. And I never learned what a survivalist should buy or know.  Sigh.


I took notes of the list and started working toward building up my stash of stuff to help me get through any disaster.


This guy had done all the legwork and put together a foolproof list of stuff that I needed to have in my cache.


Sure, it will take some time to get all of the 37 items in his list added to my stash, but I know once I have these things,




Then I found an online forum and a blog that helped me get my kit together. They taught me how to identify the best locations to store my stuff, how to really go off grid, and the items to put in storage. They even pointed out the value of having a fishing pole in the cache, which no one else had told me! It turned out to be an easy process when I followed their top 100 things to do, no fluff, just solid information. Planning ahead became as natural and easy as falling off a bicycle!

I rest easier at night now. There are no alarms going off in my head….


Whether you are in tornado alley, or on a coast watching out for hurricanes – you can get ready. Adding just a couple things to your shopping list each trip can get you there in a matter of several months. But you do have to act.


If you wait for the crisis, it WILL be too late. At that time, you will see the shelves empty in a matter of hours. There will be no bottled water. Even the expensive, ‘designer’ waters will be gone. So, don’t discount the value of a blog written by an experienced wilderness naturalist. They know what they are talking about.


Take no chances. You can GET THIS RIGHT! Don’t be one of the panicked people scrounging around for the last loaf of bread or box of cereal. Start building your survival cache now. The best way to prepare is to start planning today.


The guide I found even gave me some hints on how to rotate stock so that I won’t get caught with a bunch of old, out-dated stuff that lacks the nutrients you had hoped to have on hand. 


You don’t need to take my word for it. But you can. In a few short months I found that I had enough in my survival cache to help my family survive for a couple weeks. I’m still stocking up because I want to have enough for a longer time…. but, I am well on my way.


You can be too!


Join me. Join other Patriots who are building up their survival caches right now.


Learn more about the foods you should store in your cache today.



6 Responses to “Where is your hiding place? Are you ready?”

  1. Nat

    May 21. 2013

    This is something I shamefully admit I have never thought of. Excellent points. We all need a place of rescue. Thanks.

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    • Michael

      May 23. 2013

      It’s hard sometimes to remember everything we need to – but by planning ahead, we can be prepared!

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  2. Derrick

    Jun 29. 2013

    Yeah – I’m right there with ya. Sick of looking for info and only finding sales pitches. Thanks for some great information.

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    • Michael

      Jun 29. 2013

      I know exactly what you mean. OF course I like the guide put out by Damian Campbell and I do receive a small stipend if someone orders it from here. But that is the only product I endorse. I’ve been on survival sites that sell a dozen products and know what you’re saying.

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  3. Dick

    Dec 24. 2013

    I have several caches, hopefully if something happens I can get to one of them. But you never really know – the floods in CO left folks watching their houses float away. How sad… How do you really prepare for that?

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    • Michael

      Dec 24. 2013

      It’s hard to be ready for everything that can happen, all we can do is take our best shot. Thanks for stopping by the blog.

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