Freeze Dried Foods – How Is It Done?

Freeze Dried Foods – How Is It Done? Freeze drying is a recently developed method of preserving food stuffs. It involves the freezing of the food, then removing most of the foods ... Continue Reading →
how to freeze dry food

How to freeze dry food

How to Freeze Dry Food How to freeze dry food   How would you like to compile your emergency or survival food supply cache that will last for over 30 years? Safe for you to eat ... Continue Reading →

What to Have in a BugOut Bag

What to have in a bugout bag? These are the things in each of my family member’s bug out bags. A couple rations of food. Select foods that have a significant shelf life. Since you ... Continue Reading →

Have you considered training?

Survival Training Survival Training – Get some today! Survival training means that you must familiarize yourself with the dos and don’ts of wilderness or crisis situations. ... Continue Reading →

A survival kit will help you prepare

Survival Kit Survival Kit – Is Yours Ready? Survival kits for sale might save your life. Do you need ideas about how to be prepared? With the future in turmoil, and more natural ... Continue Reading →

Bathroom issues during crisis mode can be a challenge

Survival Dealing with bathroom issues in survival mode can be a challenge!   So what if you no longer have water running in your home? This goes beyond having water to drink. If ... Continue Reading →

Can you get to your storage space?

Survival Cache Getting to your survival cache and protecting it is crucial.   In a disaster, there will be many people who need the things you have stored for your family. If ... Continue Reading →

Do you know what food items go first in a crisis?

Survival Food – Serious Considerations The first thing we all think of when we think of surviving natural disasters or an emergency is:   What will we eat?   Well, ... Continue Reading →

Do you have clean underwear? Thinking ahead…

Survival Supplies – Are you Ready? Considering what you really need in the way of survival supplies in case of a disaster? I can help you to make a list of the absolute necessities. Help ... Continue Reading →

Charge those batteries – Start strong!

Survival Preparedness – Easier than you think! If you want to protect yourself, you have to consider your survival preparedness in backpacks .     It’s not a ... Continue Reading →